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Clay Guida still can’t finish :-(

Goddamn, do I love Clay Guida. I won’t bet on him anymore but I’ll certainly throw my support his way, no matter how off a fight looks on paper. Mac Danzig has better striking and better jiu jitsu. Sure, he’s shown that he has trouble against dudes with big hearts (remember Bocek?), but I figured that was negated by the fact that judges seem to love fucking Guida over.

That didn’t end up factoring in. Clay dominated that fight so badly that a decision for Danzig would have resulted in a good ol’ fashioned Cornhusker riot. While Danzig did what he was good at – crisp striking and some tight sub attempts – Guida spent about 90% of the time putting so much pressure on Mac that he looked like he was trying to push into Danzig’s body and take over his motherfucking soul.

Slams, striking, and chasing … Guida did everything except finish the fight. And that’s kinda a problem, because while he brought the fight to Mac, he never came close to finishing it. His punches were wild and ineffectual and I only counted one half-hearted choke attempt.

All in all, a great performance by Guida, but he’s still got a fundamental problem with his game that will keep him from escaping that upper-level gatekeeper position he’s stuck in.