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Clay Guida goes where he belongs

After years of refusing to head down to his proper weight class and suffering because of it, Clay Guida is finally headed to featherweight:

“The Carpenter is going to explore a new job site at the 145 pound division in the new year. I plan on making a run at the foreman or superintendent position right out of the gates. I hope you guys packed a lunch,” said Guida.

“It will be nice to finally be one of the bigger guys in the cage. I don’t cut weight at 155, and making 145 will be no problem for me. My fans will get to see The Dude put some royal beatings on everyone in the division. I will not be satisfied until the featherweight belt is mine.”

Like Frankie Edgar, Clay is possibly one of those guys who could even make the cut down to 135. So finally taking the step of moving down to a more reasonable weight class is definitely a smart move. Smarter than, say, adopting a fighting style that results in near-unanimous derision from everyone in the sport. Just sayin’. That Gray Maynard fight … woof.