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Clay Guida ain’t cutting his damn hair for anything

I’ve suspected for years that Clay Guida’s hair was costing him points with ringside judges. Not because they think the damn hippy should cut his hair, but because it makes it look like he’s getting hit when he’s not. Plus it seems to keep him from being able to strike effectively … at least I hope that’s why. His striking actually seems to be getting WORSE as time goes on.

Anyways, this dude is seriously in love with his hair because not only has it cost him decisions in the past but it’s now cost him his place in the UFC 2009 video game:

For those of you still basking in the release of the UFC’s first video game in years, we came across some interesting news that originated from the May issue of Fight! Magazine. Popular lightweight fighter Clay Guida was originally slated to be on the video game’s roster, but had to be removed because of his hair.

According to the report, Guida’s hair was causing “clipping” issues within the game and made his character nearly unplayable because of collision detection issues.

THQ had reportedly offered Guida money to cut his hair so that they could keep him in the game but Guida apparently turned down the offer.

It kinda sucks to not have Guida in the game but I’m good enough at just taking guys down and hammerfisting them in the face without a character specifically designed to do it.