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Chute Boxe is falling apart

Wow, 2007 has been a bad year for Brazilian teams. Following news earlier this year that Brazilian Top Team was coming apart at the seams, it seams (haha, fabric pun) that Chute Boxe is also going through the same thing. Anderson Silva jumped ship a while back, and everyone went pretty bonkers when Wanderlei Silva left to train with Randy Couture. Then Thiago Silva left for Team Link, and Andre Amade left too.

But the biggest news to rock Chute Boxe since Wand left is that Shogun and Ninja are leaving too:

Chute Boxe leader Rudimar Fedrigo on Tuesday announced, via the Chute Boxe website, that Murilo “Ninja” and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua have officially left the team.

“We regret the (departure) of Murilo and Mauricio Rua,” commented Fedrigo indicating that they were leaving to form their own team in the United States. “The doors of Chute Boxe will always be open to them and we wish them good luck.”

Things were going better for Brazilian teams when the fight world focused on Japan. Now that everything is going on in America, it seems like all these Brazilians are heading over to the US and don’t have time to train down in South America. Chute Boxe USA is a total mess, so what option do these guys have? Continue to get their faces pounded in by guys from bigger, better rounded camps? Or leave and set their own shit up?

  • Xavier says:

    Real answer: U.S. athletic commissions test for amphetamines so training at Chute Box no longer has any advantage.

  • scorchamatic says:

    first matt hughes and rich franklin leave and now this.

  • haha, difference is I never thought MFS was any good.

  • scorchamatic says:

    lol….for some reason i thought that would be funny.

  • matt(tapout name shitstain) says:

    Next Mark Coleman leaves hammer house….jk that would never fucking happen. VIVA HAMMER HOUSE!

  • Funny thing is, Hammer House never had an official gym or location. So what is the Hammer House? It consisted primarily of Mark Coleman, Randleman, Baroni who uses any highschool wrestling rooms that were available on that particular day. They were like the Romanis (Gypsies), traveling to different training grounds everyday in their caravan full of roids and other goodies.

  • márcio says:

    they are still relevant to train the up and coming brazilian fighters but i guess they’ll never be the power house they one were.