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Chuck’s new job

You’d think Dann Stupp was Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde for how Dana White treats him. When Dann is repping MMA Junkie (the 2nd biggest MMA site on the net), he’s ‘the enemy’ But when he’s doing work for some newspaper out of Dayton (the 6th biggest city in Ohio! Akron, watch your back!), he gets the UFC president’s ear. It’s funny how that works. Anyways, here’s Dana telling Dann about his plans to drag Chuck into the front office so they can keep playing BFF together:

“He’s not just going to get a paycheck,” White said. “I want him to play a role in this [company] and actually come in and work and do something. I’m going to give him a real job.”

The UFC has used fighters such as Kenny Florian, Matt Serra and Randy Couture to help the organization push for legislation to start MMA regulation in new U.S. states. White envisions using Liddell in such a a capacity while also taking “The Iceman” overseas as the UFC continues its international expansion.

“I think he’d be great to go out there to talk to legislators and go into these other countries and help us get these [shows] open,” White said.

Wow. No. Just no. It has always amazed me that Chuck Liddell has managed to get so popular when he’s known across the board as one of the most wooden and dull interviews on the face of the earth. Thank god he looks like a stereotype out of a Japanese video game and he banged like a maniac back in the day. But that shit doesn’t translate well to the boardroom or the freaking halls of government where legislative talk is made. He’s not going to score any points with guys like Bob Reilly because he’s ‘a total bad ass.’

This is where we have to wonder how much of what Dana White says about Chuck’s future is actually going to come true. He stated unequivically that Chuck was done, but Chuck still hasn’t said the words straight out by himself. Now he’s talking about Chuck working for the UFC when he could be in Cabo fucking pornstars or in a bar getting shitfaced (which was incidentally something he seemed pretty eager to get to after his fight … kinda like an addict looking forward to his next hit).

I would be shocked – literally shocked – if Chuck Liddell’s job ended up involving anything other than showing up at the occassional fight night and pimping whatever company the UFC convinced to pay him a few hundred thousand dollars.