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Chuck’s half-decent Two Step still not impressing

Chuck Liddell rocks the two step on Dancing with the Stars but there just doesn’t seem to be anything he can do to get rid of how stiff he looks. Here’s some of the reviews:


Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya kicked things off with the two-step. Chuck was relieved about being able to wear jeans and throw Anna around like an Ultimate Fighting opponent, but he still had no rhythm. He managed to look even stiffer than usual in the body, though his face looked a little less pained than it does when he wears feathers.

Houston Chronicle:

Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya: Two-step. I’m all for stretching beyond your boundaries. But this performance made Chuck look like a tool. And the leather and denim? Hellooooo Ripcord. All kidding aside, it was stiff and clunky. What else is new?

Entertainment Weekly:

Chuck Liddell and Anna Tre-BUN-skaya: 17/30 Even though I wanted to rip out the hidden hot rollers from Anna’s hair the whole time and had to squint to imagine a color scheme less terrifying than beige/black/sky blue just to get through it, this pair’s was still not the worst two-step of the night. The judges love the charm (which is appropriately kind of a cross between ”carnage” and ”mayhem”) that Chuck brings to the dance floor along with his bartending background and form-fitting pleather vest. ”You may not have a lot of grace,” said Carrie Ann, ”but you never let the dance beat you.” Meanwhile, I’m struggling to think of anything that could beat Chuck at anything.

Well, you’ve got a pretty big chunk of dudes in the UFC and then that big fat pack of people on DwtS (yes I abreviated it, God help me) who are also beating Chuck on a weekly basis. Chuck is stuck down with the rest of the guys who don’t have famous boobies to show off to the world: Aaron Carter, Michael Irvin, and Louie Vito. Still, the Iceman has a pretty decent chance of surviving deep into the competition considering how hard the UFC is shilling his performances. So you can add this to the pile of things that are crushing your soul but somehow hopefully helping MMA get bigger.

Oh, a longer (but shittier quality) video is also available right here that includes a few seconds of Chuck prancing like a pony at the very beginning. I highly recommend it, and if anyone wants to turn that into an animated gif, I’ve got a Nobel prize lined up for you. Hell, I’ll give it to you even if you just think about maybe doing it possibly in the future! That’s how hyped I am about it’s prancing gold.