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Chuck’s girlfriend keeps him in line

I always figured that Chuck Liddell’s current girlfriend Heidi Northcott was some kind of evil starfucking lifeforce vampire. But considering I made that determination based pretty much entirely on her sketchy relationship with Jose Canseco, I’m willing to admit maybe I’m wrong:

Liddell persuaded Hackleman to serve as a coach during the show’s taping by suggesting they treat the seven-week shoot as a pre-camp camp. On set, Hackleman found a “revitalized, renewed, reinvigorated, reborn,” well-conditioned Liddell, and for that he thanked the fighter’s new flame, Heidi Northcott.

“Chuck grabs a piece of cake or something, she takes it out of his hand and gives him a strawberry,” Hackleman said, laughing. “On his days off she wants to go for hikes and beach runs. I could take credit for a lot of things but this is a huge part on her. She turned him around.

“I didn’t have to worry where’s he going at night. What’s he doing? What am I going to read on TMZ? When he’s with Heidi I know that he’s at home, eating granola and going to bed early.”

Northcott is the one who’s been sharing those pictures of Chuck sans belly on the net lately (she was also the one in his nude viral video), and while everyone agrees that he looks amazing and seems super focused, that’s not making much of a difference as far as how we’re predicting this fight will go.