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Chuck vs Wand delayed again???

From the usually reliable and typically speculation-free Gracie Mag:

it could be that the much awaited fight between Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell, if inked, might not take place in December (as the Brazilian forecast) and be pushed forward to February. This is because Dana White reserved a date to carry out the event on the eve of the Super Bowl (the popular American Football final), the event with the greatest audience on American TV.

I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick that fucking football when it comes to the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell fight. We’ve already talked about the UFC trying to spread it’s talent across the cards, but now it’s gone from being a good idea to showing how few really marketable fights the UFC’s got up it’s ass over the next six months.

  • It’s another demonstration of them trying not to have UFC 78 happen all over again. The fight makes a lot more sense for December. Why sign Wanderlei then have him sit on his ass for so long and keep other fighters waiting. If both fighters are healthy do the fight as soon as possible to keep the divisions moving.

  • Alexander says:

    make rates sirs =)

  • steve24 says:

    Dana made the comment about pushing the fight back after going on tirade about these internet sites to Kevin Iole. It’s almost like he’s punishing us for Couture quitting.

  • steve24 says:

    And with all the people bitching about Bisping vs. Evans being a lame ass main event, Hughes vs. Serra will not live up to the HYPE they are creating and will not last more than 1 round.

  • garth says:

    why won’t hughes-serra live up to the hype? Is that the same kind of prediction as “Matt Serra cannot beat GSP in a million years”? Also, what hype? All I’ve heard is “why is this season of TUF so godawful…”

    It’ll be the night of the Wandychuck, and just as they’re about to enter the arena, Jesus will return and the dead will rise and all that stupid shit, because Jesus hates MMA.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I’ll be the first to admit the Bisping/Evans fight will likely be 15 minutes of Evans dancing and Bisping backing up– with the occasional jab and many over hand right attempts. More so neither are likely to do anything spectacular.

    However the Serra/Hughes fight, I’m not ready to count Serra out. Sure he’s coming off like more of a Douche than normal on this season of TUF, but I really think that Serra would do just about anything not to lose to Hughes. So I’m willing to say that fight could be the dark horse. There just being a chance Serra will win over Hughes is enough to keep my attention.

  • Matt says:

    1 round for Hughes v Serra? More like 5 rounds of insanly boring GnP from hughes.

  • Zurich says:

    UFC 79 is already called “Nemesis” – its perfect! If Dana pushes the fight back again when both camps are ready, the internet itself will hunt him down, cut off his penis, and force auto-fellatio on the little balding runt.

  • steve24 says:

    Garth: Putting off Hughes vs. Serra for 8 months and putting them on a reality show talking shit is definitely building hype. I’m not counting Serra out, but I definitely can count on Hughes trying to dry fuck him to death. That’s why I say they need to have the Wandy vs. Liddell fight on that card.

  • MMAKansas says:

    “and just as they’re about to enter the arena, Jesus will return and the dead will rise and all that stupid shit, because Jesus hates MMA.”

    Trying to get a rise out of someone??? Freedom of speech is great, but that was simply… an ignorant comment… your about as smart as a plastic cup if your thought process is that screwed up… .I mean this is about MMA, and the Icegirl fighting Wand… keep it real man.. by the way, Dana likes playing god… so I wouldn’t put it past him to dangle this carrot for as long as possible..

  • garth says:

    MMAKansas: If I were you I’d take the ol’ brain in and get your “I think he’s joking” sensor checked out, it might be on the fritz.
    Did you consider, for a moment, just a fraction of a second that I could have been making an over-the-top comment about how the Wandy-Chuck fight seems to be delayed and put off and rumored ad naseum? Because if you didn’t, you’re dumber than this plastic cup.

    Steve24: I follow that, I guess I was thinking of hype as in fan hype, buzz, etc. I definitely haven’t heard any excitement from the fans…didn’t hear it for Serra’s last fight either. I’m just bitter at the royal fuckup the UFC has made of their belts. The welterweights are the most interesting division and they hang the damn belt up for an overblown game show. Feh. The LWs are messed up with the stupid steroid test and White not just stripping the belt. Of course if somehow Sherk is cleared he’d look stupid, but who cares. He gets paid a lot to looks stupid.