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Chuck prepped for NYE belt fight

Pretty much everyone knew that Chuck Liddell was gonna get a title shot if he beats Rashad Evans. Some had speculated that the UFC would dangle the belt for a while since Chuck makes money just fine, champion or no. Having the Iceman AND a seperate light heavyweight champ meant more bank to spread across ever-thinning cards. But nope … Chuck wants that belt and he wants it ASAP.

So it’s not a surprise at all that he’s already been promised a shot if he wins next weekend, as one of his sponsors let slip today. Of course, this ‘counting your chickens’ shit never works out the way anyone expects … remember what happened with Keith Jardine, anyone? Or how about the flub setup for CroCop/Couture? Or the most famous plan gone awry, when Couture beat Chuck Liddell to earn a shot against Tito Ortiz. UFC history is littered with prospective matches that ended up never happening because everyone was looking past one opponent or another. And now I’m starting to get the feeling that everyone is looking past Rashad … except perhaps Rashad himself.