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Chuck Liddell’s ouchie

Either Chuck Liddell has been putting a lot of makeup over the world’s largest birthmark for years, or we were wrong for claiming his exit from UFC85 had to do with a bad case of the don’t-give-a-shits. I’m still leaning towards the makeup theory, but I thought I’d share the picture that the UFC has put out there as ‘proof’ Chuck wasn’t in the middle of a three week cough syrup / hooker bender. Lucky for them the injury is so visible, or maybe they’d have had to convene a press conference where Dana poked Chuck where it hurt and we’d all speculate on how realistic Chuck’s “Ouch” noises were.

This now leaves the UFC 86 card in shambles. I don’t know what England has done to deserve the shit they’re constantly served, but perhaps if they weren’t such godless bastards than Our Lord wouldn’t lay His Wrath down upon them. Repent, sinners, or you’ll find yourself with cards that will make UFC 72 look like UFC 79.

The UFC is promising to ‘fix things’, but I really have no idea how they’re going to pull that off. I’m sure Dana White is flipping through his rolodex trying to get something off the ground, but all their high-end fighters are either booked up or not the kind of people to selflessly step up and help out (Matt Hughes, anyone?).

  • fightfan says:

    What’s up with the box in the bottom left???? Chuck smoking a fat bowl when that pic was taken? I just dont get it. He is purposely taking a picture to show injury, but forgot that he had something in his hand they need to black out

  • Dangerfield says:

    how much wild crazy orgy sex do you have to have to pull your hamstring? or maybe he was training.

    but seriously he leg looks thin as shit

  • winklepicker says:

    The blacked-out box is covering up:
    1) dildo
    2) hooker’s head
    3) hooker’s ass
    4) coke on hooker’s ass
    5) all of the above

  • cheezeypoof says:

    5) all of the above

  • Trol says:

    Only hope they have for a non title match is Hughes Vs. Serra or Bisping Vs. Franklin but those are both short notice considering Franklin and Serra just fought.

  • Trol says:

    Hell they could pull something out of the stacked LW division. Huerta Vs. Florian. Diaz Vs either of them.

  • Panama says:

    It was UFC 85 in England, not UFC 86.

  • correcto, fixed. merci!

  • #1 jackal says:

    Why hasnt Tim Boetsch name been mentioned

  • clint notestine says:

    Too many hookers. Chucks got come skinny legs!

  • ajadoniz says:

    je voudrais un steak et frites… exnay on ze steak.

  • Dr. Gonzo says:

    they are talking about James Irvin in his spot. It can’t possibly be a main event though

  • clint notestine says:

    At least he didn’t pull his groin because he might hang himself if he can’t get his groupie poon.

  • C-C-Combo Breaker! says:

    Is that menstrual fluid? Man he’s freaky….

  • Zane says:

    FL, Here is an idea, I say put Leben Vs. Bisping but also move Thiago Silva up to the main event vs Rashad. The fight he has now is pointless and against a nobody, Antonio Mendes? Never heard of him, its obvious he was a sacrificial lamb that Silva could decapitate. Vera Vs. Werdum, Bisping Vs. Leben and Rashad Vs. Thiago Silva would be a great card. They can market Rashad Vs. Silva as two undefeated guys trying to get to top contender, which they both potentially are. What ya think FL?

  • scorchamatic says:

    those were from doing atomic drops on life size dummies of rampage. true story.

  • Two Words- Michael Bisping. London, rematch, star power.

    Seems like the most logical solution. Either way Biz can go back down to 185, with a huge win or another lose to someone heavier than him. Seems the best solution for that card, and probably and even better solution than the original Evans/Liddell plan.

  • garth says:

    i really really need a new post on the front page. that thing’s been creeping me out all day. scram, thigh!

  • Dangerfield says:

    They should make Matt Hughes fight Anthony Johnson for revenge match. AJ beat up Tommy and Matt is pissed! I could be like a soap opera!

  • fightfan says:

    The UFC has the biggest hard-on for Bisping. They might as well feed him another easy W. Another one dimensional fighter that he can look like a pro against.

    Then they can feed him another can and say he is a top MW just a fight or so away from title contention. That is what they have been doing since Hammil got injured on TUF. There were NO OTHER fighters on that show. So they knew Bisping was going to be their money maker. I am willing to bet Bisping gets a title shot this year and will ONLY have to fight ONE decetn fighter….Someone like Kampmann or McFedries or even Cote. I have been waiting for 2 years for Bisping to fight another decent fighter that can strike

  • Good call on Bisping vs Leben, Zane. Looks like they’re going for it.