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Chuck Liddell’s new training regiment

Even though the following pictures make Chuck look like a prancing fairy, I maintain that his participation in Dancing with the Stars is a savvy move to make sure his future poontang cup continues to runeth over. Not only is he learning how to dance properly (which makes women wetter than a waterslide), he’s exposing himself in a non-illegal manner to literally MILLIONS of horny chicks.

How many chicks? Well get this: 22.8 million people watched last season’s premiere, which almost knocked American Idol off it’s spot as Idiot TV Show Champion of America. If this was Dana’s idea, it was a brilliant one … all you need to do to keep the Chuck train riding the retirement track is keep shoveling hot bitches into the firebox. But considering Chuck flirted with the show when he was boinking Willa Ford, I have a feeling this genius plot is his.

More pictures after the jump, originally found here. Big thanks to jackal Igor for the find!