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Chuck Liddell wants redemption

Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture might not be too hot on fighting eachother, Anderson Silva, or anyone else us fans want them to fight. Couture hasn’t bothered to tell anyone who he thinks ‘would make sense’ for him, but Chuck has spoken up and he wants a rematch with Keith Jardine.

I’ve gotta figure that Dana White is about as excited at the prospect of this fight as he would be the prospect of a cockmeat sandwich. Even the whole ‘revenge’ angle might not be enough to sell fans on a sequel to their first mediocre bout, and if Chuck happens to lose again, it’s game over, man. Game over.

But it’s not like Chuck doesn’t recognize this. If he can’t get out there and pull the trigger on guys like Jardine, there’s not much use for him to stick around. I’m sure Dana would be happy to stretch the Iceman’s career as long as he can but seeing him lose to TUF fighters kinda breaks my heart a little. This is Chuck fucking Liddell, man. He used to be goddamn invincible.