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Chuck Liddell talks about his (ex) fiance

If I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect that Chuck Liddell is on drugs or suffering from a drug hangover during this video interview with Steve Cofield. He does his standard Chuck muttering, but when Cofield starts asking about Chuck’s own negative brushes with the press he starts to get really agitated and disjointed. Where Tito Ortiz’s sentences contain valid communication wrapped in a raping of English verbiage, Chuck just gets flustered as he tries to remember what the diplomatic answer is to every question he’s asked.

Props to Cofield for having the stones to ask Chuck about that whole porn star thing and then go into fiance / breakup / relationship shit that Liddell OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to talk about. Chuck always has a bit of a caged animal look to him when he’s stuck talking to the press, so it delights me when reporters poke him gently with sticks to see what he gives them.