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Chuck Liddell on Dancing with the Stars

(Here’s Chuck in his last dance troupe, a porno-hetero tribute to the Village People)

For a guy who’s pseudo-retired, Chuck Liddell isn’t taking much time off. He just played the fuck out of the Ryan Bennett Memorial golf tournament*, and now he’s going to be on ABC’s somehow hit show Dancing with the Stars.

Lots of people are making fun of the Iceman for this, but I think this is just his next calculated step towards becoming MMA’s Wilt Chamberlain. Who do you think watches Dancing with the Stars? Women. And gay men. But mostly women.

Chuck was beating pussy off with a stick before, and if he manages to salsa his way deep into this season of DwtS, he’ll spread that Iceman fever across America to everyone. Even your wife. And especially your girlfriend. So go ahead and laugh, because Chuck Liddell is up to some devious shit and won’t rest until your significant other has sat on his face. If she hasn’t already, that is.

Also on the show is former Republican house majority leader Tom DeLay, who’ll be trying to prove to today’s youth that Conservatives can totally get juggy with it. You can see the rest of the contestants right here.

*On a side note, Ryan Bennett is a perfect example of why your stupid country needs socialized medicine, death panels and all that good stuff. Ryan, a universally respected MMA journalist and broadcaster, had just switched jobs and was in between insurance when he got into a horrific car accident that killed him and fucked up his wife and four kids. If you’ve heard stories about a fever costing 10,000 bucks or a broken limb costing $6000, you don’t want to know what something like that cost. So use your fucking brain and support healthcare reform.