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What’s up, Chuck?

Chuck Liddell has pulled out of a USO tour because of ‘illness’:

“The tour producer knew that Liddell wasn’t feeling too well and was just concerned that he wasn’t well enough to make the whole tour,” John Hansen, a USO representative, told “It’s a pretty rigorous travel schedule… heading all around the globe. It’s just a real kick in the butt with all of the travel, and we just wanted to err on the side of caution.”

Liddell’s management, Zinkin Entertainment, confirmed the difficult decision for their client to return home. They stated that it was more or less a preemptive strike to be sure that Liddell gets healthy as he enters negotiations for his next fight, presumably sometime in early 2009.

That sounds a little fishy, doesn’t it? Zach Arnold reminds everyone of the last time Chuck Liddell wasn’t feeling too great. Me, I decided that I wanted to dig around and find out what the fuck was up. Here’s what I found care of AKRhino from the Bullshido forums:

SO, the other day I heard that Chuck LIddell would be in Fairbanks, Alaska (more accurately Ft. Wainwright and Eielson AFB nearby) for a USO tour that he had volunteered for. Unfortunately, I had to work and was unable to attend the meet and greet Monday afternoon. Apparently, some time Monday night, a member(s) of Chuck’s entourage were partying with some underage (under the drinking age anyway) girls, drinking, partying, and generally having a great time.

Now, somehow or another someone found out about it, and Chuck has been kicked off the USO tour as a result of aledgedly supplying a minor(s) with alcohol. Now, Chuck is adamant that he didn’t have anything to do with it, and was QUITE pissed about the whole situation. He figured WTF, he’s volunteering his time for this USO thing, and his appearences in Afghanistan, Korea, and Iraq had already been announced, and he had nothing to do with the actions of his entourage anyway. So, he was pissed.

As with most things that come from mixed martial arts forums, it’s worth taking this story with a grain of salt. But enough facts check out with the story that I figured I’d pass it on to you guys and let you decide if some kind of ‘illness’ got Chuck kicked off the tour or it was because his posse got all crazy with the licentious underage of Alaska.

If all this shit ends up being true (and I don’t doubt we’ll know the full story pretty soon), it won’t be the first time the military has had to pull the plug on a UFC star’s participation. A similar incident occured when Tito Ortiz wasn’t allowed to bring his pornstar girlfriend with him to an event held on Mirimar air base.