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Chuck Liddell is in good videos too

Yesterday we shared a noxious bit of Youtubery in the form of a Nickelback video barely featuring Chuck Liddell. While I was busy lamenting the lack of good music videos with MMA fighters in them, our readership was busy proving me wrong like usual. You fucking jackals. This is my site! Why can’t you let me just say whatever dumb and factually incorrect thing I want to? I hate you guys.

Anyways, Intenso pointed me to this video by American Head Charge which features 2000% more Chuck than the previous Nickelback video. I’m not too sure about the music (I’m more of an Alanis Morissette kinda guy) but I do enjoy the idea of people getting in Chuck’s face all day long when he can’t do anything about it. Gotta love ‘the law’ … it keeps douches like me from getting assaulted all the time.