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Chuck Liddell goes ATT

Back when Chuck Liddell got whacked by Rashad Evans, everyone laid out a few options for the Iceman: retire, mix up your training, or keep losing. It looks like Chuck has picked option B as he’s now training with American Top Team.

Chuck Liddell is training with American Top Team in a bid to get back on track after his knockout loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 88.

The news was revealed by his coach John Hackleman, who trains and manages Liddell at The Pit, the gym he represents when he fights.

Hackleman appeared on FightHype to answer questions from fans, one of which was whether Liddell was trying to round his skills out by training with ATT.

“Yeah, you learn something new wherever you train. He’s always cross-trained and had people come in. He will definitely learn from Liborio and Matt,” replied Hackleman.

The Chuck nut-huggers amongst you may now spend Christmas dreaming of a 2009 where Liddell re-emerges a lean mean jiu jitsu machine as opposed to the one dimensional rock’em sock’em robot with a gut he’s looked like since 2007. Me, I’m just hoping he comes out of a new camp with the ability to check leg kicks and KEEP HIS COCKSUCKING HANDS UP. These might seem like simple wishes, but once you’ve let a dog eat shoes for a year or two it’s usually easier just to start fresh with with a new puppy than fix those bad habits. There’s a good reason that whole ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ saying gets thrown around so much.

PS: Because it’s usually true.

PPS: Still no word on why Chuck Liddell was kicked off a USO tour last month. Rumor has it the story is juicy and may very well involve Chuck and some MPs, so just a reminder that if anyone knows anything about it, I’d *love* to know more.