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Chuck isn’t letting go

Obligatory Chuck Liddell retirement watch update: the Iceman is still officially ‘undecided’ on what the future holds for him, but he sure doesn’t sound like he’s leaning towards calling it quits:

“[White] really kind of left it up to me,” Liddell said. “I really haven’t thought about it. Until I figure out what I’m doing and decide what I want to do, there’s no reason to think about that.

“I mean really, if I come back to fight, I want to fight to be the best and prove I’m the best. The only place I can do that is the UFC.”

During the hour-long fan-driven Q&A, the subject of a potential Liddell return to the octagon to “punch Tito Ortiz in the head” was brought up several times.

While Liddell said he’d be more than happy to face his arch-rival and complete the coaches fight from “The Ultimate Fighter 11” that never took place, the 40-year-old said if he returns, he’s not limiting the list of potential opponents. He’ll be looking to make a run at the belt, and that means he’ll take on all comers.

“I’ll fight whoever,” Liddell said. “Whatever it takes to get back to a world title, if I decide to continue.”

That pretty much shows you where Chuck is right now: still closer to thinking he can win back the UFC light heavyweight belt than thinking he probably needs to retire. But in his defense, he has suffered a lot of head trauma over the past three years.