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Chuck giving his brain a year off

I’ve heard fighters talk about taking a break to heal up nagging injuries and such, but this is the first time I’ve heard of someone sitting out so their brain can recuperate. Here’s Sports Illustrated:

Not quite three months since Mauricio “Shogun” Rua served Liddell his second knockout loss in a row — making it three in five fights — the 39-year-old said Friday he plans on sitting out “for at least a year or so, just to let my head rest.”

“Hopefully my brain can heal over time,” he continued. “The shot last fight is something that normally wouldn’t hurt me. I think I need at least some time off from getting hit. I’m going to take time off sparring then. I’ll train still. Still gonna roll. I’ll probably do a little more jiu-jitsu than normal because I like it. It’s fun.”

This is the best of both worlds: we stop seeing Chuck getting starched every 6 months and he gets another kick at the can after he’s replenished his marbles. But here’s a tip for the Iceman: feeding your brain a steady diet of booze and chatter from hot chicks who are dumber than a rock may not be the best way to go about rehabing things.