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Chuck Champion talks status quo at ProElite

ProElite CEO Chuck Champion held a press conference today to dismiss rumors that ProElite was quickly nearing the verge of death, instead insisting that they were “planning on slowly withering away under the weight of incompetent management.”

“We aren’t going anywhere fast,” declared Champion. “We plan on being around for at least another year or more, using up investor money and ensuring that any good ideas coming from our promotion team are completely mangled and destroyed by our board of directors.”

Champion pointed to recent moves like removing Gary Shaw and undercutting their Showtime deal as examples of how ProElite can hinder even the more successful promotions under their banner.”I respect Gary Shaw and everything he’s accomplished, but he wasn’t willing to be a team player. He thought having 35 years of experience promoting events meant he got to call all the shots. That’s just not how things work in a public company. The org chart shows me above him, so that makes my ideas smarter. End of discussion.”

Champion went into detail explaining the importance of a strong parent organization, justifying the millions ProElite spends on things like upper management and website maintenance. According to him, the most wasteful part of the business was their event promotions, which ‘needs to start pulling their own weight.’

“This is a big company and it needs help coordinating itself. Why just this week EliteXC had set up an event to air on Showtime in September, which we told them to go ahead with. Then the board decided over lunch at the Moza that this was a bad idea. So we told them to cancel the show. I think this shows everyone that we’re serious about meddling in every aspect of the business for no reason other than to justify our paychecks.”

But what about their international presence? ProElite carries significant equity in Korean promotion SpiritMC and full ownership of the UK’s Cage Rage. Just last week it was revealed that Cage Rage, once one of the UK’s largest fight organizations, had been stripped down to three employees.

“It won’t be the first or last company I downsize practically out of existence,” says Champion. “In fact, we’re spending all that money we were gonna waste on that September show bringing in a consulting firm to help fire even more people. The guy running this firm used to be a Harvard business school teacher. Who better to tell us how to run a maxed martial arts business?”

Champion finished the conference by fielding a few questions, many linked to his rumored interest in Ken Shamrock. “Even though I don’t know anything about the fight game, I still know who Ken Shamrock is. That kind of name recognition is worth big bucks, even if it has to be paid out to Ken’s wife when he dies in the ring or octagon or whatever we call our fighting thingy.”