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Chris Wilson was nearly murdered recently

UFC fighter Chris Wilson might be American but he lives in Brazil where his wife lives and where his parents are Baptist missionaries. But one problem with living and training in Brazil is that it’s a little more dangerous than in North America. Here’s what just happened to him:

“As I came into the apartment complex, a guy held me up at gunpoint and then he called his friends. And then a total of five people came up to the apartment. They were armed and my family was in the bathroom – I’ve got two kids – so it was just a terrible situation,” he told The Canadian Press.

“And then they cleaned out whatever they wanted. They were after small stuff, but they took our TV and my laptop, and jewelry. And they took some of the kids’ clothing and Nike tennis shoes, which are expensive down here.

“Then they put everything in my car, made me take them somewhere. It was just terrible. Wasn’t sure if I was coming back from that one. But it all worked out.”

Wilson is actually set to fight Brock Larson next weekend at UFC 98. It’s funny how a toe injury or something can stop a fight but if a dude gets robbed and nearly murdered things just roll along as usual. Strangely enough, Wilson isn’t the only one who’s had something like this happen. Brandon Vera also had to deal with an armed robbery a few weeks before his fight with Keith Jardine. He lost that fight via split decision but no one knows if the suck was just Vera’s standard suckage or it was worse because his mind was still on nearly dying.

(via Cage Writer)