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Chris Weidman has an ouchie

Every time you think the Gypsy Curse has ended, another series of ridiculous injuries roll down the pipe. Today’s victim is Chris Weidman. No, he did not injure his jaw from yapping too much about Anderson Silva ducking him. Instead…

“My shoulder popped,” he said. “I never felt anything like it before. Now I can hardly move my arm.”

Weidman said he is awaiting a final diagnosis from his doctor, but the initial report is showing a torn labrum, with a possible shoulder dislocation or separation.

He has been told that following surgery, which will most likely be needed, he’ll be forced to sit on the sidelines for approximately three-to-six months.

His teammate Costa Philippou will step into his place at UFC 155 to face Tim Boetsch and Weidman now finds his title prospects even dimmer than before. On the plus side, it’s not like Anderson Silva is churning out shots at the moment anyways. The UFC middleweight division has become a veritable clusterfuck of would-be contenders, and spending 6 months on the sideline while it shakes itself out may actually work in Chris’ favor.