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Chris Lytle was okay with losing

It’s funny that Marcus Davis spent a whole bunch of time building up his fight against Chris Lytle, only to spend the majority of the fight moving backwards. The two fighters engaged enough, but it was all combos and then get the fuck outta there style fighting. This was no Bonnar / Griffin. This wasn’t even fight of the night. Honestly, if this is what a ‘stand up war’ is all about, you can count me out. I like my martial arts mixed, thank you.

So here’s the deal: Marcus Davis beat Chris Lytle via a split decision, which just goes to show you that bad judging is alive and well. It’s not that Lytle did poorly … he just got caught moving forward and throwing while Davis was in and out countering him the whole fight. Coming into the third round it was pretty clear that short of a knockout punch (or a second retarded judge), Lytle wasn’t going to win.

And here’s the thing with Chris Lytle: How many times has he come into the third round losing the fight, and he does nothing at all to change up his game or style or even push the fucking pace. There’s a point in a fight where you have to admit “Shit, I’m losing and I have to do something about it or I’m not gonna win.” Chris Lytle never seems to do that something in order to win.

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