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Chris Lytle still getting UFC fights

Is it just me or is there an easily identifiable trend with Chris Lytle’s career? He beats some lower rung competition, then takes a step up in competition and gets starched in his next fight. He collects a questionable fight of the night award from his biggest fan Dana White, and then the cycle repeats itself. Over and over again, win loss win loss win loss.

His last fight was a loss against Marcus Davis, who was really his easiest ‘next level’ opponent thus far. Not easy enough, I suppose. But still, Lytle couldn’t win. So now the UFC is putting him up against Kevin Burns at the TUF 9 season finale.

Chris Lytle’s fights generally aren’t horrible … well, the Koscheck drubbing was but you can’t fault Chris for being hard to finish. So it’s hard to get too pissed at the UFC for keeping him around dispite the fact that he’s obviously never going to be more than a gatekeeper. But how am I supposed to get excited about fights involving a dude I know isn’t going anywhere? I don’t expect every fighter in the UFC to have championship potential, but we figured out Chris Lytle’s mediocre shtick TWO YEARS AGO. It is thoroughly old, but I guess we’ll have to put up with it until he stumbles even further and drops the ball on one of his easy make-up fights.