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Chris Lytle got paid for that sub

MMAWeekly confirms that Chris Lytle made some extra cheddar for his crazy triangle/armbar submission at UFC 116:

Ken Pavia, Lytle’s manager, informed that his fighter did receive a little extra compensation for his UFC 116 performance.

“The bonus of the night was $75,000. It wasn’t near that, but it was still significant. It was more than a mere token, so we‘re very happy about that.” Pavia told MMAWeekly Radio. “They took care of him. They gave him a nice chunk.

“They’ve been good to Chris, and Chris has made a lot of money. I would venture to say one of the top ten in the UFC by virtue of his bonuses,” added Pavia. “He was not unhappy.”

After 7 awards of the night totaling 370k in bonuses, I guess Chris can afford to be okay with getting passed over for sub of the night because OMG BROCK CAN SUB!!!!!