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Chris Leben fucks up

When will people learn that low expectations are easier to live up to than high expectations? It seems like a pretty simple concept to understand, but over and over dumb people decide they’re going to sell themselves as a new and improved 2.0 version … and they almost always fail.

Latest to do this was Chris Leben, who managed to turn a DUI/parole violation/jail time triple whammy into a story of redemption and newfound maturity. Since then, the narrative has focused on how much Leben has changed from the shit-talking, pillow-pissing lad we all knew and loved to a responsible adult who quit drinking and mentors kids down at the Icon training academy in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, fuckups are fuckups and for all his positive changes, it looks like Chris Leben is still a fuckup. He tested positive yesterday for Stanozolol and was suspended for 9 months by the UFC – earning himself the honor of being the first major fighter to be nabbed by the UFC’s own testing.

Since MMA in the UK isn’t regulated, there’s no sanctioning body to do the drug testing. So the UFC took the job on for themselves, leaving many of us to wonder how thorough they would be. Thorough enough that they’ve caught two people so far. Still, no word on how many fighters are tested and who passed. But those are just small nitpicks on the grand scheme of things.