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Chris Jericho vs. Mickey Rourke: Fight of the Century?

This isn’t exactly MMA related, but it does involve bare knuckle fighting, pro wrestling, and Mickey “Clayface” Rourke so it’s close enough. Apparently Rourke — whose starring alongside Randy Couture in The Expendablescalled out WWE wrestler Chris Jericho on the “>red carpet during an interview promoting his Oscar nominated performance in The Wrestler. Jericho has been a mainstay in the WWE for years and has shown himself to be a multi-faceted entertainer, working as the front man for metal band Fozzy and receiving praise for his work with improv group the Groundlings. Rourke claimed to be script-fighting Jericho at the next WrestleMania, which prompted this incredibly awkward interview with the two of them on Larry King Live, where Rourke instead says he would take on Jericho in bare-knuckle boxing.

Rourke’s spokesperson has since come forward and denied his participation at the annual pro wrestling event. In any case, I would pay to see the two of them “bare-knuckle fight,” just for shits and giggles. It would take a gun to the head to get anybody at the UFC interested, but I’m sure somebody in Japan would be more than willing to stick Rourke and Jericho in a MMA rules bout. After all, the land of the Rising Sun is responsible for the fighting careers of “Giant” Silva, “>Bob Sapp, Bobby Ologun, and Kinniku Mantaro — who happens to be a fictional character. A fight between a pro-wrestler/metal singer and a Hollywood actor would be a step up from some of the zanier shit that has come out of the Japanese MMA scene.