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Chris Camozzi likes getting tattoos

Poor Chris Camozzi. He fought on the UFC on FOX 2 undercard and didn’t even make it onto the FUEL prelims. According to, his fight with Dustin Jacoby was supposed to be on Facebook but it was MIA when time came for the fight to start. In the end no one got to see Camozzi choke out his opponent in Round 3.

But with that win Camozzi will be sticking around in the UFC and because of that I have an excuse to make this post showing you all of the amazing tattoos Chris has. I don’t think there’s another fighter in the UFC who has more stereotypical tattoos than he does. It’s like he took every bad tattoo trend and said “Give me one of those!” Let’s go through em:

1. The emo chest piece: Grenade heart with wings and skulls? I’m amazed Affliction hasn’t sold 100,000 t-shirts with this exact look.

2. The celtic band: Or what I like to call it, the gateway tattoo.

3. Yes, that is a leaping tiger on Camozzi’s right bicep.

4. Looks like it started out as a barbed wire tattoo. I’m scoring it under the ‘Inspired by Pamela Anderson’ category.

5. Roman Gladiators tattoo – so you can compare badass gladiator dudes with your MMA fightin’ buddies. WE ARE FIGHTERS! RWAAAR!

6. Tribal back piece – I wonder if the WEC was paying Chris for using his back piece during the opening of their shows or if they got it from a 1001 clipart tattoo design cd too.