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Chicken suit bet

Nope, this isn’t another Fightlinker bet (although it really could have been). Roger Huerta and Brandon Vera got together recently (presumably as part of a UFC shitlist support group) and decided to make a bet on the Oscar De La Hoya / Manny Pacquiao fight: loser has to dress up in a chicken suit and hang out on a busy street for an hour. The bets were drawn across racial lines, with Huerta picking De La Hoya and Vera picking Pacquiao.

Afterwards Vera asked “What’s the betting line set at, anyways?” For your information, Brandon, our sportsbook has the fight at -200 for Oscar and Manny at +160. That’s pretty tight considering a lot of people are expecting De La Hoya to route the much smaller Pacquiao. I hope Brandon can find a chicken suit big enough to fit him. Honestly, I think everyone will get more enjoyment out of seeing that than the last four Vera fights combined. Considering how much the UFC paid him for those, that’s pretty sad.

(props to Bloody Elbow for the find)