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Chick who used to bang Hugh Hefner will be ring girl at UFC 100

There seems to be an annoying trend of douchebag d-list celebrities getting into mixed martial arts. I’m typically not the kind of guy to bitch and moan about that kinda because I’m not a hipster fuckhead who cares about the ‘cool level’ of my fellow fight fans, but at the same time it would be kind of nice if the sport didn’t become entangled in a web of reality show pseudo-celebrities like this:

Holly Madison, the former Playboy cover model and star of E! “Girls Next Door,” will serve as an honorary Octagon Girl at this weekend’s UFC 100 event in Las Vegas. According to a UFC press release, Madison expressed interest in being an Octagon Girl when she attended UFC 98 in May.

“UFC 100 marks the biggest event in the history of our company, so it’s the perfect time to bring in the Ultimate Octagon Girl, Holly Madison. Not only is Holly one of the world’s most beautiful women, but she is a huge fan and supporter of the UFC, and we’re looking forward to having her with us on July 11th,” said Dana White, the president of the UFC.

I guess now we’ll wait and see if Holly like totally shows up because she’s sooooo hyped or if she’ll ditch out like Rachelle Leah did that time she was supposed to slip into those tiny UFC shorts again. I have a feeling the idea of being involved in so many big fights must be intruiging indeed until you’re asked to show up for the prelims and sit on your ass for the majority of the night listening to catcalls from drunken UFC fans who’ve regularly wanked to your naked pictures.