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Chez Crocop


For the last three years, half of Mirko Crocop’s fights begin with him telling everyone he’s back and is going to kick some ass, only to end with him dejected and toying with the idea of retirement. After his latest loss to Frank Mir – a terrible fight which was about as enjoyable as drinking diarrhea – he’s at it again declaring himself healthy, refocused and ready to get back to the tear he was on back in his PRIDE glory days.

Possibly thinking people may believe he’s crying wolf, he invited Fighters Only’s John O’Regan to spend several days in Croatia to see how he looks. After reading the entire entertaining article, I dunno if I buy a comeback, but I am definitely jealous of John’s week of being BFFs with Crocop. Check out some of their adventures:

Currently, ABBA are occupying the speakers. CroCop turns it up, laughs and sings along. Its like the absolute opposite of anything you would ever picture CroCop doing. If ever you imagined what his day to day life is like, I bet it didn’t include a scene of him roaring down the highway singing along to ABBA.

At this point, I look out the window. Zagreb skips by in the darkness and I think to myself, ‘this is surreal. You’re driving through Eastern Europe with CroCop singing along to ABBA.’

No sooner has this musical interlude concluded than another sound reaches our ears: police sirens. The local constabulary drive in front of the car and flash a sign for Mirko to pull over. Now, given his long-term and richly deserved reputation as a practical joker, I am on my guard here. This could be one of his tricks and I am probably about to get taken out and strip-searched to hoots of amusement.

For reference’s sake, past Crocop pranks have included ” target=”_blank”> firing off automatic weapons at the gym. When a man has enough connections in the local anti-terrorism squad to fake a government overthrow, you have a right to be slightly nervous about practical jokes.

As if a love for ABBA and of course Duran Duran wasn’t awesome enough, we also get a glimpse into his workout music:

If the MMA career comes to a close, CroCop could segue easily into a new career as a ‘Best of the 80s and 90s’ DJ. His self-compiled CDS are on constant rotation in the basement gym and vary from rock power ballads (“I’m Still Standing”, Elton John; Living on a Prayer, Bon Jovi) to 80s electro-dance (Ride on Time, Black Box; I’ve Got The Power, Snap).

CroCop will often burst into song as he wanders round during breaks in the session, singing along with enthusiasm for a few bars before the timer sounds off and its time to put his gumshield back in and return to the fray.

And the music doesn’t just help his mindset. Check out what it does for Mirko’s cardio:

In a break before the last round CroCop is taking heavy breaths; five minutes to go. Hippo is asking for a big effort for the final round and as if on cue, the speakers begin blaring out ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. I am beginning to wonder if there is somebody in a backroom paid to provide a custom soundtrack for each session.

Fittingly, CroCop hits numerous solid shots over the coming minutes. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ should be added to the NSAC list of performance enhancers.

After reading all this, I think all Crocop needs is a fan standing ringside with a boombox like John Cusack in ‘Say Anything’ and he’ll be capable of winning the UFC heavyweight belt. Read the rest of the article here.