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Cherrypicker Chuck

So you all know that with Quinton Jackson out of the picture, Chuck Liddell is practically drooling over the prospect of fighting Forrest Griffin for the light heavyweight strap. Now we’ve got him salivating over the idea of moving up to heavyweight if Randy gets through that four man eliminator the UFC has set up:

Asked if he was interested in another shot at Couture, the 38-year-old Liddell smiled.

“If he gets the title back (after the tournament), I wouldn’t mind coming up and getting the heavyweight title too,” Liddell said Wednesday. “We can talk about that later.”

Am I the only one that’s not impressed by Chuck’s ‘path of least resistance’ approach to winning titles? He’s not talking about moving up and going for the heavyweight belt. He’s talking about moving up because the guy he’s beaten twice is holding the belt. Combine that with his charge for a light heavyweight shot without dealing with any of the real contenders first, and you’ve got a guy that seems to be all about doing as little as possible for the most amount of gain.