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Cheik Kongo is learning some skills


After his frustrating loss to fluffy blanket Carmelo Marrero, everyone prayed that Cheik Kongo would go get some wrestling skills. Unfortunately he wasn’t much better for his next fight with Assuerio Silva. While he eeked out a decision, Silva rode him like a pony on the ground. Joe Rogan spent the entire fight repeating “If Kongo had ground skills, he’d be unstoppable. If Kongo had ground skills, he’d be unstoppable.” Thank God, it seems like Kongo is out learning some ground skills. From one of the millions of interviews with Quinton Jackson comes this tidbit:

Who was up in camp?
A lot of people. Jeremy Williams the pro boxer, Cheick Kongo, James Ervin, Scott Smith, Lunchbox, Hercules, Dave Roberts also known as the chin, Zach Light, Coach Juanito, Junior helping with Jiu Jitsu, and Coach Chris Reiley. Jeremy Williams and Cheick took turns kicking my ass, I think they had side wagers on who could damage me the most. Jeremy gave me some ohwee knots, for everybody that don’t what they are it’s when people say ohwee who put those knots on your head. And Congo tried to knee my stomach out my ass!!

When it comes to learning wrestling, there’s no better place than the ambiguously named Big Bear camp. Before this, I do believe Kongo was training exclusively in France with a bunch of pussy ass kickboxers. France is full of the best MMA fighters in the world, it makes sense. Oh wait, no it’s not. No one in France knows anything about fighting on the ground. I heard that one time the Gracies went over to France and used their jiu-jitsu to overthrow the government. That was called the French Revolution or some shit. True story.