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Cheick Kongo vs some dude

Dan Evensen vs Jonah Broad

With the heavyweight belt on ice for the foreseeable future due to TUF8, the UFC has started booking pointless heavyweight matches to keep all the ‘contenders’ in a holding pattern. First up is Cheick Kongo vs UFC virgin Dan Evensen.

Evensen is coming into the UFC with a 10-2 record, having lost to oh-so-successful guys like Christian Wellisch and Dan Bobish. His wins come mainly from lame fight orgs where fatties are apparently allowed to wear shirts. Hey, there could be a reasonable explanation for that. Maybe the policy made the fatties cover up because their huge tittehs were arousing drunken patrons who would then go on car-flipping, cop stabbing rampages to re-assure themselves of their heterosexuality.

  • el feo XIII says:

    that looks like a WWE sleeper hold. what’s next, the million dollar dream?

  • kanos jimoros says:

    Good to have you guys back..

  • MMAFan says:

    I love the sarcastic tone of fightlinker’s article. “Some dude” is right! And Dana White prides himself on attracting only the best fighters in the world to his organization!!