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Check out the Tim Kennedy interview where he labels anyone who backed out of the final Strikeforce event a “little vagina”

Most interviews suck. There’s always the mundane questions about how training is going, what do you think of your opponent, and blah, blah, etc. It’s excruciating and embarrassing, and the reason why I don’t normally pay any attention to interviews. But this one is actually pretty good.

Don’t get me wrong, the interviewer, while wisely staying off the aforementioned topics, does still ask some run-of-the-mill ridiculous questions. But Tim Kennedy, as quite possibly the greatest interviewee of all time, takes absolute command and steers everything in the right direction. The best part is when he basically shits on everyone who bagged out of the January 12th Strikeforce show:

“It’s pathetic and convenient for every single marquee fighter in all of Strikeforce, that we all know to be going over to the UFC, are pulling out of their fights, two weeks before the final card. It’s like, are you guys fighters, or are you just a bunch of little vaginas?”

Although the part when he expresses his undying support for VADA testing is pretty damn awesome too:

“ You can come over and draw a sample out of my eyeball, if you want. At two o’clock in the morning, you can come and collect my semen samples. I don’t really care what you collect, as long as it ensures that we have clean athletes. Mixed martial arts is supposed to be about tradition and honor and integrity, but these dudes are just cheating their asses off. It’s a sport guys. Stop acting like it’s not. Do the right thing and have some integrity, and stop injecting horse cum into your eye [laughs].”

Shit, the whole thing is worth a read. Tim gives his feelings on Ronda Rousey getting an immediate belt, Strikeforce as the red-headed step child, and has some interesting things to say about gun control. Check it out.