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Chat at 6, Play by Play at 9, Expanding Post at 12!

It’s finally fight day, and we invite all those lonely computer nerds with nowhere better to go to come hang with us during UFC 129! Facebook fights start at 6:20PM EST (not 3pm as I’ve been saying all week), and we’ll start the chat up around 6PM. Spike’s prelim show starts at 8 and the PPV at 9 – REMEMBER, THESE ARE WACKY NEW TIMES!!!

I’ll also be running a minute by minute play by play from the Spike prelims onwards so you can keep up with my pithy observations and round scoring.

Afterward, we’ll use that extra hour of post-event consciousness to build Teh Greatust Incredible Expanding post you’ve ever seen, capturing all the magic from before, during, and after the event.

AND DON’T FORGET! We’ve got a new podcast up breaking down the UFC 129 main card. So listen to that. Zod commands you!

(gif via ZombieProphet @ IronForgesIron)