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Charles Bennett has been arrested again

A few months ago, Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett announced that he was changing his name to ‘Kid Chaos’ in an attempt to rebrand himself as a hard working fighter and role model rather than the crazy ass repeat offender who missed half of his fights because he was in jail. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and Kid Chaos let his inner Krazy Horse come out during a recent training session:

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett was arrested on a charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after beating a sparing partner at the FIT ‘No Holds Bar’ gym in Albuquerque on Monday night. According to the ABQ Journal, Bennett left he gym after a sparring session with New Mexico high school wrestling champion Tyler East became a little heated. He left the gym but came back later that evening with a metal pipe and proceeded to beatdown East before fleeing the scene.

There’s not too much to add to this one … Bennett done fucked up and is probably headed back to jail. Obviously a guy who’s been arrested over 20 times has a bit of trouble controlling himself, but you’d figure he’d know better than to do this. Beating someone with a pipe at your own gym is only one step below going on a monster truck rampage in a vehicle that has your picture on the side – you’re gonna get nailed for it, guaranteed.