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Chan Sung Jung has a broken eye socket too

Chan Sung Jung has a broken eye socket too

Chan Sung Jung really is the Korean Zombie. In addition to his arm coming out of its shoulder socket, he also suffered a broken orbital bone in his fight against Jose Aldo on Saturday:

While challenger Chan Sung Jung’s injury woes seemed apparent, suffering a separated right shoulder in the midst of throwing a punch, it was not his only injury coming out of the bout.

The “Korean Zombie” also suffered a fractured orbital bone during the loss, his manager Brian “Shug” Rhee told FOX Sports.

Orbital bone breaks are often seen in combat sports like MMA and boxing. Treatment and recovery time vary depending on severity. According to Rhee, Jung is expected to visit specialists for both his shoulder and eye by the end of the week, and should have more information about his expected prognosis then.

That’s gonna mean a lot of shelf time for a guy who just got back from a 15 month layoff. See you in 2014, Chan!