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Challenging to get people to buy Challengers tickets

So in order to avoid losing their shirts every time they throw a Challengers event, Zuffa took the events off the road and stuffed them into the Pearl at the Palm, also known as that shitty venue where TUF finales are held. I was slightly concerned about the move, and not only because the Pearl is so small you can hear every drunken ho bag in the place wailing her head off all night during the broadcast. Vegas is in a bit of a slump, and ticket sales weren’t all that stellar for the WEC events they held there, rarely breaking 1000 paid. So how did Strikeforce Challengers do?

Of the 1,876 total attendees, 1,418 tickets were issued complimentary. The 458 paid tickets each generated $93.86 in average revenue.

458 tickets sold. Man. I hope they’ve got some sick sick deal with the casinos where all those complimentary tickets aren’t really complimentary. Regional shows with no major broadcast partner or corporate backing do better than that across America every weekend.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    The problem may be the $93.86 average ticket price. How on earth can you justify charging almost 100 bucks for a freaking Challengers show? Ryan is completely right in pointing out that regional shows sell a lot more tickets all the time and all over the world, but I doubt they would if they charged 100 bucks a pop. That’s lunacy.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Aren’t the casino shows compensated by site fees to have the show there as an added attraction for the casino?  So they make money off of the fee and comp the tickets to the guests?  I heard that once before, but I could be wrong.

    That number is sad though, and the price is just dumb.  Twice what it ‘should’ be.

  • lukustra says:

    well thats average, when you compensate for seats they could charge a few hundred dollars for ring side and ~$60 for all other areas it could average out to around 100 dollhairs. local shows usually run $40 here in nj.

  • iamphoenix says:

    i always laugh at dollhairs.

  • kvelertak says:

    Buying strikeforce was a bad idea.

  • FiveBoltMain says:

    this is almost as bad as what hendo/fedor did at the gate.

  • frickshun says:

    Even local kickboxing/thai fights near me are $35 for standing room & $50 for actial seats. That’s unfortunately what it costs for these non-televised shows to turn a profit.

  • Symbul says:

    They’re probably at least breaking even, with the choice of venue. They won’t sell shit for tickets but they wouldn’t “permanently” (because SF is going away) locate Challengers there unless the deal made sense. They’ll never do brisk business ticket-wise on a feeder league with noname non-local fighters there but they’ll get the casino money and whatever Showtime is handing out.

    The other reason of course is that Zuffa offices are around there and it costs a lot less and puts less strain on the crew to have it in their hometown, even if I’m wrong and the financials aren’t there to back it up.

  • CAP says:

    Pretty much anyone outside of the main event on a Challengers card is an unknown to me. Maybe if they squeezed a few prelim fights into their main shows once and a while there would be more interest.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    id like to see some TUF fags on there

  • CAP says:

    That would be a good place for said fags.

  • noiseless says:

    sooo..that nick ring thing, did it ever “come out”?