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“Chael’s Corner”

Chael Sonnen will be taking a step down from his 100,000+ follower twitter soapbox tonight to appear on the much smaller FUEL channel show UFC Tonight. It’s your standard Chael smacktalk schtick everyone knows and loves, but I have to wonder what guys like Wanderlei Silva are going to think about their promotion pimping material that calls them washed up and over the hill. It’s one thing to claim Chael’s gonna say what he’s going to say and another to actually produce, package and present his disses as part of a UFC television show.

They are pretty entertaining, though. Here’s a zinger Chael pulled off last night:

Machida used his Twitter account to call out Sonnen. In Portugese, he wrote a message that translated to, “Chael Sonnen, just got out of surgery, but can give you your gift inside the octagon with one arm and only you accept the fight.”

Sonnen responded that he “doesn’t have time for pee-pee mouth,” referring to Machida’s practice of drinking his own urine.

You can catch UFC Tonight at 10PM EST on FUEL (if you’re lucky enough to get it). It should answer the classic philosophical question: If Chael flaps his gums about someone on a TV show but no one is watching, does it still make a sound?