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Chael Sonnen’s lies finally come back to haunt him

Following up on yesterday’s news that the UFC was looking at Chael Sonnen vs Michael Spitsbing as the next coaches of TUF:

UFC president Dana White today told ( no decisions have been made about the head-coaching slots for the show, which debuts in September on Spike TV.

But White also said Sonnen “has a ton of problems” to deal with, which makes a rumored “TUF 14” coaching slot against Michael Bisping unlikely.

Dave Meltzer – originator of this TUF coach rumor – expands on those troubles, which stem from Chael Sonnen lying about NSAC head Keith Kizer knowing about his ‘testosterone deficiency.’ Something tells me no one was ever taught ” target=”_blank”>the lying song at Chael’s school.

What this ultimately looks to come down to is how commission members will vote on Sonnen, or if UFC wants to risk Sonnen going before the commission given Kizer’s assertion, that all evidence is true, that Sonnen lied, using his name, to get his California suspension for failing a steroid test reduced. UFC has a lot of pull, as their hierarchy includes former commissions and the former Executive Director, and their shows bring the commission a ton of revenue. I’m pretty sure if the commission had its way, they wouldn’t want to go against UFC, but would also not want to be put on the spot and have to vote. So this could go a lot of different ways.

So it comes down to this: the NSAC doesn’t particularly seem like they want to rock the boat, which I assume is why nothing has happened up til now even though Sonnen’s lie was caught literally an hour after he made it. But re-applying for a license means the whole thing could come up and cause further problems for Sonnen. And this TUF gig sets Sonnen up with such a perfect rematch scenario with Anderson Silva too. What a pity.

I don’t know how to feel here. I want Chael as a coach of TUF because BLOGLAW demands I watch the show and this season has been a mega-ambien thus far. But we finally – FINALLY! – have a situation where Chael Sonnen has been caught in one of his many bullshit lies. Reality and truth demand satisfaction, and we’re not gonna get a better chance at it than now.