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Chael Sonnen wins his first election

Chael Sonnen has won his first election, a bid to claim the Republican nomination for the 37th District in Oregon’s House of Representatives:

Sonnen claimed a landslide victory in Tuesday’s Republican Party primaries by earning 99.13 percent of the vote in Oregon’s 37th District.

In fairness, Sonnen was running unopposed, though he did claim 2,167 votes versus 19 ballots that featured a write-in candidate.

Sonnen now faces Democratic nominee Will Rasmussen, who claimed victory over Gerritt Rosenthal and Joelle Davis with 65.82 percent of the votes cast.

That vote will take place in November during those mid-terms everyone has been freaking out about. As for how well Chael will be able to do, it all depends on how many votes Rasmussen and the democrats in the area got. When Matt Lindland was running for politics, he won his party’s nomination with similar numbers to Chael (showing that he can ‘keep up with Sonnen’ at the polls as well as in the cage), but he still got crushed in the election. He pulled 2400 votes for his nomination versus his dem opponent Suzanne VanOrman who got over 5400. If it’s a similar story with Sonnen and Rasmussen’s number, someone might be looking at losses in both August AND November.