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Chael Sonnen vs. Demian Maia at UFC 95

You may remember Chael Sonnen claiming that he was going to be fighting Anderson Silva in his first fight back to the UFC. You also might recall thinking, “That sounds like bullshit” as that is the same thing I thought. Over at his official website, Demian Maia says he will be the one to welcome Sonnen back to the UFC. Not only did Sonnen’s original claim smell like a dirty lie but that comment was way back in May whereas Maia posted this news a little more recently. I’m going to go ahead and use my detective skills to say that we’re going to see Sonnen vs. Maia and not Anderson Silva.

How is this fight going to play out, you ask? Demian Maia by viscious flying arm triangle from the top of the cage or something of the like. Sonnen is a tough motherfucker but he’s shown to be susceptible to high level grapplers like Paulo Filho, Jeremy Horn, and Babalu Sobral. Hell, even Forrest caught him in a triangle back at that infamous IFC show in 2003 and that was in Forrest’s pre-UFC days. Maia is possibly the best pure grappler in the sport today and Sonnen doesn’t exactly have rocks for hands either. To Sonnen’s credit he is the best pure wrestler Maia has gone up against but I don’t see how that will help him here, other that putting him in perfect position for a fight-ending triangle.

If you’re a Chael Sonnen fan, you best be praying that Maia shows up high on meth and hears voices during the fight. In other words, hope that he’s been hanging out with Filho as of late.