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Chael Sonnen trolls his way to chance for a title shot

Chael Sonnen has been trolling it up lately with his interviews and while I’ve been generally ignoring his nonsense, it looks like it’s been having quite the effect on everyone else. A week or two ago it was general knowledge that Nate Marquardt would get a title shot if he beat Sonnen. And if Sonnen wins? Yeah, not so much. Even if anyone felt Sonnen’s record in the UFC merited a shot, you just knew that Anderson Silva would be about as interested in fighting a PPV dead fish like Chael as he’d be in taking a cheese grater to his nutsack.

But what a difference some controversy can make! Sonnen has been spewing a bunch of retarded crap during his press run, and instead of understanding that you don’t feed the trolls, Dana White has rewarded him by declaring that if Chael wins on Saturday he will indeed get a title shot. I can only hope this was cleared with Anderson Silva, who might be annoyed enough to actually want to beat the shit out of Sonnen.

Here’s some of the things Sonnen has been saying:

-Anderson Silva can speak English but he hates the media and fans too much to bother
-Anderson Silva ain’t shit because he hasn’t fought anyone noteworthy
-Mark Coleman doesn’t train and is a bum
-Gameplans in MMA are a lie and no one has them
-Full time fighters are all lazy and no one spends more than 2 hours training

Nothing too spectacular, really. But when there ain’t shit going on in MMA and everyone is being so damn respectful, these comments were enough to drive the UFC 109 narrative for a few days. So I suppose in the eyes of a promoter like Dana White, that kind of behavior deserves a reward. Unfortunately, the promise of a title shot with a win really just sets things up so that Chael Sonnen can now grind out a terrible decision win and still get a crack at the belt. Ugh.