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Chael Sonnen thinks Vitor is better

After talking his way into a title shot, I suppose it should be no surprise that Chael Sonnen is now going to continue talking mindless retardo smack. Here he is at the UFC 109 post-even presser discussing who he’d rather face for the middleweight title (eeeeuuuugh), Vitor Belfort or Anderson Silva:

“I hope Anderson wins because I think Vitor is a lot tougher fighter. If I have to choose between the two, I’m going to take the low road and take the easier opponent leading to the championship. I really do mean it. Vitor Belfort, in truth, has really never lost a fight in the standup realm. The blueprint to beat Vitor is out there, but it’s not to stand up with him. I can’t wait for that fight but I am picking Vitor.”

Vitor Belfort, in truth, has actually lost a few fights in the standup realm, most notably to Randy Couture. But it wouldn’t really be a Chael Sonnen remark if it wasn’t factually incorrect. Maybe all this verbal bullshit is prep work for Chael’s entrance into politics. It seems nowadays that to be an American politician you have to be an idiot with very little grasp on reality, so Chael is already well on his way in that regard.

(image via MMA Weekly’s UFC 109 presser pictures)