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Chael Sonnen loves his job

Will this video save Chael Sonnen’s ass from getting fired down the road? I think the fact that he:

  • took another fight when his title shot with Paulo Filho was delayed
  • fought Paulo Filho after Paulo came in 4 pounds overweight
  • didn’t get the WEC middleweight title because Paulo was overweight
  • stepped in as a late replacement for Yushin Okami against Dan Miller at UFC 98

…will probably help him more. But I’m sure the video doesn’t hurt. The thing gets downright pornographic by the end. But that’s the way Dana likes it, don’t cha know?

The greatest thing about this video is that Chael Sonnen is NOT an ’employee’ of the UFC / Zuffa. While some fighters like Randy Couture get employment contracts, the standard fighter contract states that fighters are NOT employees but rather independent contractors. But that’s sorta nitpicking in this case and not really a big deal … unless you expect to get the kind of protection under law that goes to employees. In which case, the UFC doesn’t quite return the unconditional love.