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Chael has to ‘straighten this stuff out’

Chael Sonnen is in a strange legal limbo right now. He’s technically suspended until June 28th by the California State Athletic Commission, but what happens after that is a bit murky. The CSAC was originally planning to indefinitely suspend him before reporter Josh Gross read the rulebook and pointed out they couldn’t. And if Chael reapplies shortly after June 29th, they can refuse him and then he can’t try again until a year goes by.

But … what if he doesn’t reapply in the first place? While other commissions are free to grant Sonnen a license to fight, it sounds like Dana White isn’t going to mess around:

Will you give him fights in states that will license him?
We don’t do that. He’s going to have to pay his dues and straighten this stuff out with these guys and then do it, even though I think what’s happened to him is wrong.

You would honor California’s suspension of Chael?
We will honor it.

In the States only? Would you let him fight in Australia, London?
Nope. We won’t let him fight anywhere. We’ll honor that suspension until it’s cleared up.

Would you step into the system at all with dealing with California, or is that just up to him?
They regulate me. They’re my boss too.

You’ve got some nice attorneys on hand and a nice legal department.
Listen, you show me a guy who fought the government and won. Show me that guy. I want to meet him. I don’t want to be the next guy to try it. I do what I’m told.

That’s a pretty definite answer right there. While Sonnen won’t technically be suspended after June 28th, he’s got a lot to answer for if he wants to get a license in California, and Nevada too. More ethical and on the ball commissions like New Jersey would probably make him jump through some hoops too.

Lest you start feeling bad for Sonnen, keep in mind that those hoops mainly have to do with admitting on the record that he’s a liar. Everyone already knows it, and funny enough it’s not like he has to admit his steroid excuse was bogus. Just that he didn’t disclose it to commissions properly and made false statements when trying to explain why.

  • agentsmith says:

    Yeah, the UFC has far too good of a relationship with the NSAC (and others) to risk pissing them off by going commission shopping for the sake of one guy.

    It sounds like technically he could just not reapply in California and fight elsewhere, but judging by how the NSAC has been acting about this whole saga, I doubt they’d let him fight in Nevada until California’s cool with him… which means he’d probably be effectively blacklisted in every state with a legitimate commission.

    One would think Josh Barnett would be in the same situation, but he was already scheduled to fight in Texas since before the Strikeforce buy-out, where the commission is conveniently a joke.  I’m curious what’s going to happen after that, though.

  • fightfan says:

    I dont get this at all. Barnett has a ban in California. But its ok for Barnett to go elsewhere and fight(June 18 in Texas). He didnt have to “straighten things out with CA”. Barnett simply skipped the court date and didnt even try to renew his license because most likely he would of been rejected.

    I asked Sonnen via Twitter if he thinks the CA will grant him a new license and he replied back…
    “No I don’t. I won’t even ask them for one”

    So Sonnen HAS to straighten things before fighting ANYWHERE. He cant just go with the 3 time cheat’s Barnetts route & IGNORE even asking California for a license. Dont get it. Chael has to “work things out with California” but Barnett can just say “f**k them” and ignore them and Dana will let him fight in others States?

  • fightfan says:

    I wouldnt even put it past Dana & Zuffa to say after June 18th Barnett fight that he is banned from UFC because “they” abide by all commissions. He will say Sonnen is in the same boat but he is not fighting. Maybe the UFC told Barnett it is his decision whether he wants to “straighten things up with CA” or just fightg anyway?

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Chael has really screwed himself over here.

    I thought the Barnett fight was signed before Zuffa took over? 

    Josh is probably gonna be the reason they re-introduce Fedor into the tourney if he gets past Hendo.

  • agentsmith says:

    As I said above, the DJ is correct.  Barnett’s fight in Texas was already signed before the Zuffa purchase, so I guess he’s grandfathered into that one.  We’ll see what happens after that.

  • fightfan says:

    That is the ONYL thing I thought of that Barnett already had somethign worked out with Showtime/Strikeforce. It will be interesting when June 29 comes around. I know Chael woudl say anythign to anyone, but I believe homi when he told me he NOT gonna ask CA for a license. Dana may FORCE him to. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It should be interesting.

  • fightfan says:

    ^Drinking and typing dont mix real well

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I got the gist of it, man.  I just can’t agree, but yer drinking so I can understand why you’d believe something Chael says.  This is a man who doesn’t even know the license regulations he’s signed and agreed to be governed by, let alone an honest man.

    Cali is a big market for them.  Does he really wanna be the guy Dana can only book in certain states?

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