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Chael denies he wanted Andy’s wife to make him steak

Chael Sonnen is once again trying to bend reality with the power of his mind. Remember early into his Chaelisms days when he suggested Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer via performance enhancing drugs? And then he denied ever saying that sh*t, even though he said it on a NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO SHOW? Well, that again … this time regarding his infamous ‘medium rare’ comment. ESPN’s Dan LeBatard asked Chael about it and here’s what Chael said:

“You know, you’re the second person to ask me that, and, uh, I never said it. You’ll never find that quote anywhere, you’ll never replay it. It simply didn’t happen.”

“I’m not kidding in any fashion. That absolutely didn’t happen. You absolutely didn’t see it, and if you did, then simply bring it up, right now. Prove to the world. You can laugh all you want. That’s always your go-to when I trump you. Before you go and edit it, when I make you look stupid, like an amateur — which is what you just were, you gave a quote that didn’t happen — now, you’re sticking to your guns, claiming it happened. I’m challenging you to replay it, and your response is to simply…laugh.”

“You know, I just think that you’re probably incompetent. I didn’t say it. I absolutely didn’t, and when you pull the footage, you’ll see that I didn’t, and you’ll go, ‘Well, it was close.’ Well, that’s now it works. You’re an alleged reporter. You just absolutely lied about a quote. You’re still continuing to lie. You’ll never bring that footage forward, you’ll never show your viewers, and you’ll edit this clip out, because I just made you look like the charlatan that you are. I never said that, and you won’t find it. I said something close, but close doesn’t count. It’s totally different. You will not find the quote that you say you found, and you won’t even try, and you’ll edit this out, because you’re a charlatan.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Chael Sonnen on the MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo back in October of 2011:


  • Jarman says:

    Oh, the unadulterated bullshit. This lying garbage is the only reason I hate sonnen. “I didn’t tap, he didn’t win, I’m the champ, I didn’t say that about lance, I didn’t say the steak thing.” Fuck that, fuck you chael. you be a man, do da right fing, stand by your goddamn recorded word.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Wait, the lying is what bothers you? Not the cheating? Huh.

  • Mooch says:

    Chael could be a loved fighter but chooses to dig his own grave instead

  • Captain says:

    To be fair, Le Batard did misquote him and through the context of what he said insinuated something rather different.  It wasn’t that far off, but if you are going to quote someone, then you should really have the actual quote on hand and not a paraphrasing.

  • BDA says:

    MMA Show Audio Clip: You tell Anderson Silva I’m coming over.  I’m kicking his back door and Im patting his old lady on the ass and I’m telling her to make me a steak.  Medium rare, just how I like it.”

    LeRetard: “What are you trying to accomplish when you say that your gonna slap Silva’s manager and that you’re gonna slap Silva’s wife on the ass if she doesn’t make you a steak medium rare?”

    American Gangster: “I never said that, and you wont find it.  You’ll find something close, but close doesn’t count.”

    Reality Bending Headline FAIL: Chael denies he wanted Andy’s wife to make him steak.

    Love him or hate him, fact is Sonnen didn’t lie here. 


  • drunkenjunk says:

    chael was right, he was misquoted.

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Thanks for transcript b/c I don’t get audio/video @ work. I fucking love Chael. The end.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    you know why he said both statements? To get the internets all in a fury. Its marketing people… hes gone full on WWE. Meanwhile anderson and you tards have fallen for it.

  • noiseless says:

    i fucking love chael sonnen. FFFUCK ALL OF YA!!!!

  • iamphoenix says:

    chael is right. end of story. two different versions here, one with a polite romance slap on the bum and the other a revenge slap if a steak is not delivered.

  • Mooch says:

    Too bad Silva has no rib injury and Chael isn’t overdosed on TRT. Best case scenario: Andy breaks his jaw, jaw gets wired shut, best day of my life

  • Captain says:

    I am not the biggest Sonnen fan, because despite his rise to (media) prominence, he hasn’t always delivered spectacular performances.  He has looked good on occasion (v. Silva and Stann) and also like garbage (v. Bisping). 

    Silva has looked good, but this magical aura people place around him is questionable.  I mean come on, look at his last few opponents (Leites, Maia, Griffin, Irvin, Belfort…).  Either his opponents buy into his “magic” (Okami) or expose him (Maia, Leites, Sonnen) as simply another fighter capable of shitty performances like any other, and not some “super-god-legend”.

  • drunkenjunk says:

    wtf are you talking about captain? Griffin was up a weight class and just lost his belt. You can’t shit on Belfort. How did Leites or Maia expose him?

    If you’re gonna say Sonnen looked like garbage against bisping, bisping looked like shit than too. Sonnen also won. You should probably watch some of these fights or know what you’re talking about.

  • PooCommander says:

    I wouldn’t.

    You know that steak in brazil isn’t actually made out of steak right?

    I’m pretty sure its just poo in a cup with a bit of garnish on top.

  • Kong Morten says:

    Seriously? How can you post the post the quote and his argument that the reporter is lying, and the calling it Chael bending reality?Did you not hear what he said? Or were you just too lazy to actually listen to what he had said before making such a stupid article.Look, say what you want about Chael, but in this case he is right. He was misquoted and the reporter tried to make it look like it was nothing just like Chael said he was going to do”I didn’t say it. I absolutely didn’t, and when you pull the footage, you’ll see that I didn’t, and you’ll go, ‘Well, it was close.’ Well, that’s now it works. You’re an alleged reporter. You just absolutely lied about a quote.”You backing this idiotic reporters case just shows that you are every bit as incompentent and incapable of getting their facts straight like he is. Awesome articly my man, very good job!!

  • Dave_T_L_W says:

    @Kong Morten, you sir are a legend. Sonnen never said he didnt say something regarding a steak, an ass and medium rare. What he said was you misquoted me. This is the truth, play both files again.

    The fact that this reporter doesent immediately zone in on the defence, apologize for the paraphrase and call Sonnen on the general concept of the statement is beyond me.

    @Fightlinker – I genuinely thought your banter was better than this and having seen this videos on other sites was expecting more.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    The reporter absolutely did misquote Sonnen. He said, ” You tell Anderson Silva I’m coming over. I’m kicking his back door and I’m patting his old lady on the ass. And, I’m telling her to make me a steak medium rare, just how I like it.” That is not the same as saying that he supposedly said he would slap Silva’s lady on the ass if she didn’t cook his steak correctly. Again, the reporter did say it incorrectly, just as Chael suggested.

    However, this man has said many things and then outright lied, like the Armstrong cancer quote. Now, he seems to have simply “refined” his tactics to saying people didn’t quote him exactly correctly as a defense and focusing on that. He’s creating a type of Strawman argument, in a way, by focusing on the quote not being exactly correct instead of having to confront the idiotic and nasty things he says.
    This kind of thing doesn’t happen to fighters that aren’t ridiculous like Sonnen. He’s already created a bad image to reporters by acting like a diva, lying, storming out of interviews, attacking reporters in silly ways, etc. He’s created this negative image of himself, so situation like this happen. 
    I really don’t like Sonnen. It would truly make my day to see him get smashed. Even if he gets obliterated, he’s going to continue running his mouth. His mouth got him where he is today, in one of the biggest, most anticipated matches in UFC history. It will be interesting to see how Silva fights when he’s emotional. Most fighters lose focus when they are emotional. Hopefully, Anderson keeps his cool and performs to the extent that he is capable.

  • noiseless says:

    there’s something real malkavian about this place lately.