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Cesar Gracie shows how it’s done

Melvin Guillard has always had a big mouth but it never really got him into much trouble because who gives a shit what that guy has to say anyways? Now that he’s totally ‘made it’ with his win over Evan Dunham, people seem more interested in rebutting the crap that comes out of his mouth. Here’s Cesar Gracie after Saturday night’s fights showing he ain’t afraid to dish with the young dogs:

“It’s one of those things, I actually think Melvin’s one of the better boxers from there I enjoyed his fight with Nathan. I heard he said something like ‘Go back to Brazil’ or something like that. I was like well who’s gonna teach guys to keep choking you out if I go back to Brazil?”

“Melvin Guillard, I heard he was talking about some kind of homo-erotic fantasies he had or something like that with me. I don’t know man. Keep painting your hair. It’s like dude you know what are you talking about? You want to have sex with a man? It’s like you got problems man. ‘Go back to Brazil?’ Go back to Columbia get some more coke!”

There’s no real point to all this immature back and forth smack. What, is Cesar gonna drop 70 pounds and fight Melvin? Is Melvin gonna pop Cesar in the mouth next time they meet? Since Guillard is a walking mistake waiting to happen, I guess that’s always a possibility. Regardless, when snappitude hits 11 it must be charted for future reference.