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Cesar Gracie is the drama master


Cesar Gracie posted some explosive news on his website late last night:

The Frank Shamrock VS Phil Baroni Strikeforce card has suffered a major setback with Baroni now scrambling to pass his medical requirements. Baroni had in fact previously passed all his medicals but is now having his MRI results re-evaluated after it had come to the attention of the CSAC that there was a previous problem with an old MRI report from Las Vegas, dating back when he fought Pete Sell.

Our inside sources have confirmed that it was representatives from the UFC that faxed over Baroni’s MRI to Armando Garcia of the CSAC, thus prompting this latest issue. Baroni has been cleared to fight in Las Vegas, Nevada since the Pete Sell fight, with his latest appearance in the state occuring in Pride on October, 21st 2006. It is unclear why California would now bar him. We will keep our readers up to date with whether or not Phil is able to clear his latest hurdles, or if a replacement will be necessary.

Since then it’s been taken down and replaced with an equally tantalizing “REMOVED BY REQUEST” post. Of course, the internet is like pandora’s box, so good luck killing this story. If the first part is true, it’s basically lights out for the Strikeforce card. Losing Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua, Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett, and Phil Baroni all in one week should be enough to make the promoter’s heads explode like in Scanners. If the second part is true, then the world is witnessing the most evil collaboration since the Germans and Japan during World War 2. All in all, it’s a pretty big fucking story, and I look forward to the delicious drama that drips from it like a ripe pomegranate.

Hat Tip: Fightopinion

  • Jonathan says:

    I hope that this card will still have Baroni Shamrock on it. At least it will still have a “wow” factor match. Having Ninja Rua on the card would have made it much more solid.

  • Jonathan says:

    Sherdog is reporting that both Phil Baroni and Ninja Rua have both been cleared to fight against their respective opponents, Frank Shamrock and Joey Villasenor. This is a definite upswing to card, and moves it from possibly freak-showish to a solid card. I am picking Baroni by KO in the 1st round and Ninja Rua by decision.

  • Mike O says:

    i’m pretty sure neither drama or juice drip from a ripe pomegranate. perhaps a better way to phrase it would be “I look forward to the delicious drama that drips from it like a ripe breast.”

  • Mike O says:

    oh shit thats even better.

    i want to see mike goldberg incorporate that into his announcing.
    instead of “this arena is electric!” or “this crowd is electric” i want to hear him say “This arena is dripping with delicious drama like a ripe cunt!”

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